Animal Bite Cable Protectors - Cutest cable protector ever

Animal Bite Cable Protectors - Cutest cable protector ever Uprala

In this technological era, the wires are sometimes very annoying, such as entangled and quickly breaking off. Due to this, many of us wish for wireless gadgets, but it is a disappointment that the technology is not that much developed. Moreover, wireless is pretty expensive. So the simple and the cheapest solution to this wiring problem is Animal Bite Cable Protector - The cutest ever cable connector.

Animal Bite Cable Protectors

These are specifically designed to secure, stabilize, and protect your cable connector. So let’s attach these animals to your cables! They seem to be biting onto your smartphones or tablets, of course, in a CUTE but not fierce way. Usage of this product has nothing to do with the system of the device, whether it is the cable of Android or iOS devices; these animal bite cable protectors are helpful if the size of the cable is within its range. In addition, it covers the entire fragile area (connector), reducing the risk of the cable fraying and breaking by more than 80%.

Now, adorably decorate your cables in style with our animal bite cable connectors, which also help you recognizing different cables by animals.

Animal Bite Cable Protectors


Cutest Bites: Animal bite cable protectors are available in more than 20 sea creatures and animal designs with the cutest colourful style. After being inserted, they appear to be biting onto your phone/device in a lazy but cute posture. Have a glance at them and make your day in such a simple way!

Cable Protection: The main task of these animal buddies is to protect your plug ends of cables from bending, breaking and fraying. In addition, abrasion-resistant greatly extends the life of wires. Also, it prevents cable disconnection by stabilizing the cord and plug.

Super Easy to Use: Using these animal bite cable protectors is not very difficult. Just stretch the flexible underside slot (a tiny hole) and insert the cable into it. Slide it up, and it will come out from the mouth of these lovely animals and securely attach it to the connector. You’re ready to “raise” your little animal.

Fit Most Cables: It fits all Type-C, Lightning and Micro-USB cables as a perfect cable accessory for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Android devices.

One set includes six cute animals! So choose your favourite set & start up your “cable zoo” now!

Animal Bite Cable Protectors


Material: Silicone

Size: 2cm x 2cm x 4cm

Packing: 6 x Animal Bite Cable Protectors


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