Why Mini Pocket Umbrella is a better choice?

Why Mini Pocket Umbrella is a better choice Uprala

The umbrella has been around for hundreds of years, shielding people from both shine and rain. The actual word umbrella is derived from the Latin word "umbra" which means shade or shadow. It was initially intended to protect people from the sun.

These days when climate frequently changes, non-seasonal rains are pretty common. Therefore, one has to carry an umbrella to avoid getting wet in the middle of the road. But the problem is carrying a heavy and large umbrella on the daily commute to the workplace or somewhere else is not comfortable. Moreover, many of us want to travel light; you will definitely want to carry protective gear that won't add much to all the things you are bringing along; for example, it would be best to have a compact umbrella without sacrificing coverage. So here is the solution: MINI POCKET UMBRELLA

Why Mini Pocket Umbrella is a better choice?

This incredibly convenient umbrella is space-saving and perfectly fits any compartment and even your pocket and handbag. This umbrella is made of practical water-repelling fabric, on which raindrops slide off the umbrella rapidly without leaking through, so it will protect you from unexpected rains. It is also helpful on a sunny day with strong sunlight as protection from UV rays is necessary; otherwise, one might face numerous health problems such as skin problems and sunburns. The high-tech coating entirely prevents heat and 95% of harsh UV radiation, making your healthy skin fall in love with it.

Enjoy outdoors with this umbrella 365 days a year, rain or shine!

So keep it with you always, and you should never be caught without an umbrella again.

Why it is better?

1. Ultra-lightweight and compact: 

Elaborate craftsmanship makes this umbrella weigh only about 6-7 ounces. Mini design allows this umbrella to fit in your bag easily. This umbrella is perfectly portable for anyone as it is light and small!

Why Mini Pocket Umbrella is a better choice?

2. Ultra protective:  

The umbrella could be considered the very first sunblock, designed solely to prevent sunburn, wrinkles and skin ageing. There is a high-tech Nano Polymer Compound in the outermost coating layer of this mini pocket umbrella. This canopy cloth with a layer of UV and water blocking coating can block 95% UV rays and protects you well from sun exposure and any expected downpours. Light transmittance is '0'. It will keep you calm and relaxed and provide absolute comfort on a hot sunny day and safe on a rainy day.

3. Convenient & an ideal gift: 

Mini size and ultra-light, this umbrella is convenient to carry anytime, anywhere and is easily transportable from one place to another. In short, the portability of the mini pocket umbrella makes it unique. Stylish look plus various bright colours for you to choose from make this umbrella an ideal gift for your family, friends and colleagues!

Why Mini Pocket Umbrella is a better choice?

4. Sturdy and Smooth Design: 

It is easy to open and close without much strength needed. 

5. Wind resistant & waterproof: 

People fear (before buying an umbrella) that one has to wrestle with an inside-out umbrella in the middle of the rain as umbrellas are notoriously unreliable. But this is not the case with this mini pocket umbrella. It won't quickly flip inside out as most other umbrellas do. However, the water repellent coating makes it dry quickly. The canopy will keep dry easily by shaking off the raindrops to ensure a longer life, and you could just put it back into the bag within a short period after use which adds to its convenience.

This tremendous mini pocket umbrella will make your life easier!

An umbrella is just like a good friend. It is right there when you need it and waiting in the wings when you don't. It sticks with you through both shine and rain, protecting you from the sun's harmful UV radiations and the sky's torrential downpours.


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