Does hair colouring really damage hair?

Does hair colouring really damage hair Uprala

Do you want to colour your hair to upgrade your style but cannot because of some thoughts such as hair colouring causing hair damage, hair whitening and hair loss?

Don't worry! These are just myths. Not at all true for good-quality hair dyes.

Does hair colouring really damage hair?

Hair colouring damages your hair.

Whenever we hear about hair colouring, there is somewhere a doubt comes to our mind that it will damage our hair, such as our hair texture, making them rough and dry. 

But the truth is that not all hair dyes damage your hair. Some hair dyes are safe and do not lead to rough and dry hair because of the development of an intensive moisturizing formula for hair dyes. So they, instead of causing damage, repair damaged hair, moisturize hair follicles and leave your tress soft and shiny in one go. This Intensive Moisturising Formula conditions your hair while colouring to prevent breakage and brassiness.

Now colour your hair as you want without worrying about hair damage with suitable hair dyes.

Does hair colouring really damage hair?

Hair colouring causes hair whitening.

Another myth related to hair colouring is that it causes hair whitening. Logically speaking, hair dye is applied to the hair shaft, so it has nothing to do with the natural pigmentation process at the follicular level. In other words, the hair dyes do not contact the pigmentation cells, so they are not related to premature graying. 

The age factor is the one which is always working against you, as a result turning more hair grey. As far as premature graying is concerned, there are many causes, such as genetics, smoking, and, most particularly, stress. And this process of hair whitening continues even if you dye your hair. So, once the hair colour wears off, you notice more grey hair, and you might relate this with the hair colour. So dyeing hair is the best way to cover the grey or white hair, and it does not contribute to increasing the grey hair.

Does hair colouring really damage hair?

Hair colouring causes hair loss.

Hair dyes do not affect the natural growth of hair. Only colour-treated hair can fall out (if aftercare is not done correctly), but those will regrow naturally. So hair dyes cannot fundamentally cause hair loss. 

However, you should choose the hair products which are safe to use, such as those free from ammonia and other harmful synthetic chemicals, to keep your hair healthy and safe from root to tips.

Does hair colouring really damage hair?

Is hair colouring expensive and time-consuming?

Mostly, this question comes to our mind when we think of hair colouring, especially in those people's minds who have never used hair dye before but want to. Let me tell you from my experience, the hair dye I use, which is Glamup Hair Coloring Shampoo, does not cost much but as much as a regular shampoo does. But it is a good quality hair dye which is free from ammonia, a harmful chemical. Moreover, I do not need to use a moisturizer separately after dyeing my hair because it contains Intensive Moisturizing formula. I need to apply it for just 10 minutes means I can use it anytime, such as before going to work or at night; the results will be effective each time.



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