How to Turn a Napkin into Beautiful flower?

How to Turn a Napkin into Beautiful flower Uprala

Putting a simple square napkin on the dining table is quite old-fashioned. Today we seek creativity in every part of our surroundings, whether at our house or work. Generally, when it comes to napkin folding, it is creative to give the simple napkin a new shape according to the event. But it requires some practice to be an expert in napkin folding; otherwise, you will end up with crumpled napkins ruining their elegance and beauty, and it is also time-consuming. However, there is a simple way to fold napkins elegantly - Bloom Napkin Holder.

Bloom Napkin Holder turns simple napkins into romantic roses in just three seconds in three simple steps. It is a unique way to impress your family, friends and guests with a Unique Table Setting. It takes only three seconds for napkins to make roses, calla, tulips, etc. It is suitable for any occasion such as parties, dinners, reunions, get-togethers, and events, making your occasion even more perfect and pleasant.

Best Bloom Napkin Holder

Create lovely blooming folded flowers on your dining table set up—craft different floral types that you want, from tulips to roses, calla lilies and many more. No matter what the season is, the bloom is never-ending spring at your fingertips. Then, you can set it up on a plate, in a champagne glass or vase for added sophistication. It acts as a napkin holder & a table decoration at the same time! Thus, it is suitable for both domestic and professional use. Hotels and restaurants can add to their customers' delightful experience with them by using Bloom Napkin Holder.

It's time to replace common napkin rings with an innovative and fresh design.

Best Bloom Napkin Holder

How to Use Bloom Napkin Holder?

To fold the napkin into a beautiful, sophisticated flower, you need to follow 3-Step Method - fold, insert and twist the napkin into a flower! 

First, fold the ordinary paper napkin as per the shape you want it to take. Then, insert the folded napkin in the designated slot of the napkin holder and twist the long stick (stem) of the napkin holder while keeping the upper part in a stiff position with another hand. That's it; It's that simple. You can see your plain square napkin turned into a beautiful flower that adds to the beauty of the dining table. When folded, Bloom Napkin Holder forms a beautiful and elegant flower bud that can be showcased on a table, platter, vase, or plate.

Best Bloom Napkin Holder

Realistic Design & manufacturing: 

Bloom Napkin Holder is available in green to make it look natural as a stem of the paper napkin flower. The product material, ABS plastic, is decided after considering its usage and environment. ABS plastic offers a good balance of impact, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, surface hardness, rigidity, and electrical characteristics, favouring Bloom Napkin Holder's usage on the dining table. ABS plastic remains rigid and tough even at low temperatures. Moreover, it is available in fire-retardant, heat-resistant and platable grades. It is also relatively harmless since it doesn't have any known toxic carcinogens.

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