Nail Phototherapy Set Nail Tools 21 Piece Set

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Nail Phototherapy Set 21 Piece Set:
1:9W phototherapy machine 1

2: quick drying water 60ML1

3: Sealing layer 1 15ML

4; primer 1 15ML

5: 1 polishing block

6: UV transparent extension glue one

7: UV pink extension glue one

8: UV plus white extension glue 1

9: One word cut 1

10: a nail clipper

11: A set of 15 white painted pens

12: Waxing brush one

13: A dead skin fork

14: Push the skin 1

15: One finger cotton

16:OPI polishing strip one

17: 20 pieces of rectangular paper tray

18: Transparent French A piece of a box of 100 pieces

19: Natural full-stick piece of a box of 100 pieces

20; 12 color round diamond box

21:12 color semi-circular pearls in a box


Correct hand repair steps 1. Nail scissors
(1) Classification: The nail scissors have the size and the size, and the second is divided into the shape of the front end. There are two types of flat head and inclined surface.
(2) How to use: After washing your hands, cut the required length with a flat nail clipper. If the nail groove on both sides of the nail is too deep and long in the direction of the nail groove, use the beveled nail to cut off the nails on both sides.
(3) Note: When cutting nails, whether it is flat nail scissors or bevel nail scissors, it should not be cut too deeply. If the nails are cut deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter. Will affect the appearance of nails, especially women. Do not cut the two corners of the front end of the nail when trimming the square nail.
 Second, nail file
(1) Classification: Manicure, split steel, and colored purlins, also known as calyx. (2) How to use: Cut the long and short nails with steel shovel or shovel in the order of the front and rear front ends, and grind them into the desired shape. (Normally there are six shapes of nails: A, square B, square circle C, oval D, pointed E, round F, trumpet. The manicurist can suggest that the customer choose the shape that suits his or her needs according to the customer's hand shape.)
(3) Note: When using the steel file and the flower hoe to repair the shape of the nail, be sure to pay attention to the fine grinding on both sides of the nail, and the shape of the front end must be rounded.



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