Digital Wattmeter AC 220V 110V

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Digital Wattmeter AC 220V 110V : Power Meter Electricity Consumption Energy Meter EU Plug Power Kilowatt Wattage Electricity Meter

Captures power consumption from an electrical device and shows the cost of power consumption

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 230V, 5o Hz

Operating current: max.16A

Large voltage range: 150V - 230V

Time display range: 0 second --- 9999 days.

Display wattage (watts): 0v --- 9999W

Voltage display range: 0v --- 9999V

Current display (ampere): 0.000A ---- 16.000A

Frequency display: OHZ - 9999Hz

Minimum wattage display range: 0.0W ---- 9999w

Maximum wattage display range: 0.0W --- -9999w

Price display: 0.00 € / KWH ----- 9999 € KWH

Total kWh and cost display:

0.000KWH --- 9999KWH € / 0.00 € -, ----- 9999 €


Reset : If faults appear on the display or the buttons no longer respond, the device must be reset. The reset is done by pressing the RESET button.

Display mode : The screen is displayed for approx. 1 minute - afterwards it automatically changes to mode 1 To change from one mode to the other, press the FUNCTION button,

Mode 1: In this mode the following is displayed: time / watt 1 costs / display time (how long) the device is connected to a power source.

Mode 2: In this mode the following is displayed: Time / Energy accumulation / Display time (how long) this device is connected to a power source.

Overload Display: If the instrument is plugged into an outlet that has over 3680 W, it can cause an overload. This process is indicated by the term in OVERLAOD in the 2nd section t with a booming signal (selectable function)

Settings mode :

Electricity pricing : After a long press of the COST button for more than 3 seconds (the system standards are displayed in the third line of the LCD display, e.g. 0.0OCOST 1 KWH), the displayed content begins to move up and down, which means that the device is back in setting mode. Then press the Function key to change the selection. To change the display as desired, you can press the DOWN / UP keys. Pressing once will increase or decrease the decimal point accordingly and hold, the decimal point is slowly increased or decreased in 2 seconds.


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