Small Medium Sized Pet Dog Luminous Leash Chain Puppies Uprala Small Medium Sized Pet Dog Luminous Leash Chain Puppies Uprala
Small Medium Sized Pet Dog Luminous Leash Chain Puppies $8.34
Overview:1. Pet Leine Reflektierende Starke Hund Leine.2. Komfortabel Gepolsterte Griff Heavy Duty Training Durable Nylon Seil Leinen.Product Information:Material: NylonProduct category: traction beltColor: blue, black, red, orange, pinkSpecifications (length * width): length 1.5m-width 0.8cmSingle rope weight: about 84gPacking List:Nylon dog leash*1
Automatic Cat Self Groomer - Smart Cat Brush Uprala Automatic Cat Self Groomer - Smart Cat Brush Uprala
Automatic Cat Self Groomer - Smart Cat Brush $99.97
Introducing the Smart Cat Brush – the perfect Automatic Cat Self Groomer! This Automatic Cat Self Groomer is made with high-quality ABS and silica gel materials, making it sturdy and durable and features a modern white colour. Its 133 * 96 * 160mm size and net weight of 572g make it perfect for cats of all shapes and sizes. The Smart Cat Brush makes grooming your cat a breeze – attach it to your wall and let your cat enjoy a relaxing massage as it grooms itself. Thanks to its Automatic Cat Self-Groomer design, you can now say goodbye to messy furballs and enjoy a happier, healthier cat! So get your pet the pampering they deserve with this Automatic Cat Self Groomer! Product Information:Material: ABSProduct classification: bath/massage brushColor: whiteProduct name: Smart Cat BrushProduct size: 133 * 96 * 160mmNet weight of the product: 572gProduct gross weight: 697gMaterial: ABS+silica gelPacking List:Massager X1set
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Cat Puzzle Windmill Toy Uprala Cat Puzzle Windmill Toy Uprala
Cat Puzzle Windmill Toy $29.97 $50.00
Cat Puzzle Windmill Toy 🐱Cats are drawn to interesting shapes and fast-moving objects. This is a product that has both. The windmill design will entice your cats to play while the soft material ensures that they will not be harmed at any time! Watch your cats play away for hours, turning the windmill cat toy gives your cat all the fun without the clutter! The suction cup base can be sucked on the floor, on the doors and windows wherever you want to place it. The soft material is perfect for your cat and it rotates, which attracts the cat’s attention! The package comes with catnip balls so you can use this right off the bat. You can swap out the catnip for toothpaste so it helps your cat’s hygiene.
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Multi-functional Pet Grooming Wash Bag Uprala Multi-functional Pet Grooming Wash Bag Uprala
Multi-functional Pet Grooming Wash Bag $14.93 $30.00
Multi-functional Pet Grooming Wash Bag Most of our pets don’t like bathing or afraid to get hurt. As a defense mechanism, they try to fight back which leads to injury and some scratches. Get This Cat Bathing and Grooming Wash Bag helps to avoid being scratched by cats and allows us to do our care work easily. It will help your cat to bathe easily at home without spending extra money.Let cat feels very comfortable and relaxed. 😻 Benefits of cat bathing: Senior veterinarians have shown that bathing your cat properly can reduce the chance of skin diseases. 😻 Zipper design: The wide opening makes it easy for your cat to get in and out, so you don't have to worry about your cat not being able to fit in. It also allows your cat to release one paw at a time, making it easy to clean paws and cut nails. 😻Benefits of using bathing bags: Effectively prevent some diseases, so that your cat can live a long and healthy life and can stay with us a little longer.  
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Pet Sniffing Puzzle Toy Uprala Pet Sniffing Puzzle Toy Uprala
Pet Sniffing Puzzle Toy $49.95 $49.95
Pet Sniffing Puzzle Toy You want to keep your dogs entertained and there brains working? SnuffleDogMat is not only a high quality feeding mat for dogs, but also a great puzzle toy that arouses the dog's curiosity. The educational toy works to stimulate the dog's interest in play and enhance their natural foraging skills. It gets your dog's nose and brain going by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. The two straps allow you to attach it under the chair, for example, to prevent it from slipping when the dog is sniffing. BENEFITS OF SNUFFLEDOGMAT ✅ Puzzle Toy To Promote The Dog ✅ Various Food Hiding Places ✅ Improves Natural Foraging Skills ✅ High Quality Feeding Mat ✅ Daily Brain Training For The Dog ✅ 100% Safe & Easy to Use ✅ 30 Day Guarantee MAKES FUN & PROMOTES THEM The SnuffleDogMat is not only a simple food mat for your dog, it is also a great puzzle toy to pique your friend's curiosity by stimulating their interest in play and encouraging their natural foraging skills. It will keep your puppy entertained all day while also providing playful encouragement. VARIOUS FOOD HIDING PLACES SnuffleDogMat has a variety of different hiding places for the dog's food. So your four-legged friend can completely live out and train his nose with the various hiding places. The food mat is made of high quality materials that are very durable and above all 100% safe for your pet. Watch your dog and be happy together when he has found the hiding place. HOW IT WORKS? Step 1. After you have opened the package, you have to lay out the feeding mat for example in your living room and take some food in your hand. Step 2. Pick one of the many hiding places on the mat. Step 3. Hide the food in the chosen hiding place and get your dog to try it. Step 4. Done! Your dog can now start to find the hiding places and will be encouraged in different ways. WHAT DO I GET? Our SnuffleDogMat set includes your desired mat, 90 x 90cm in violet or light blue and premium packaging. It's a great gift for everyone, who want a puzzle every dog will enjoy.
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Smart Sensing Snake Toy Uprala Smart Sensing Snake Toy Uprala
Smart Sensing Snake Toy $29.95 $60.00
Smart Sensing Snake Toy Smart Sensing Snake Toy for Cat Rattlesnake Interactive Electronic Toys For Cats Usb Charging Cat Accessories For Pet Cats Game Play Toy 1. Turn on the switch S-type crawling. When encountering obstacles, the eyes will flash and will automatically turn back and turn, the tongue can be stretched, the tail swings, and it will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. Tap the snakehead to enter the playing state 2. Snake will be fun for Halloween Christmas party tricks as a prankster, for everyone's sake as soon as you come up with a really good scheme 3. The realistic plastic body texture makes the 3D naja cobra snake toy look super lifelike; segmented body for excellent slithering action. Great fun for pets and children. Charging instructions: The charging time is 40 minutes. Connect the USB to the charging port, when the red light flashes, it means charging
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Cute Cat Hiding Warm Cozy House Bed Uprala Cute Cat Hiding Warm Cozy House Bed Uprala
Cute Cat Hiding Warm Cozy House Bed $59.95 $100.00
Cute Cat Hiding Warm Cozy House Bed 🐈 The hiding nature of cats is a very important psychological phenomenon. The semi-closed shape of our product will make your cat feel safe, comfortable and peaceful.🐈 🐈 Warm and cozy cat house 🐈 Soft fabrics like clouds 🐈 Skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable 🐈 Removable double-sided pad 🐈 Play drop ball Your cat, who feels comfortable, will feel very happy and peaceful during the day after his wonderful sleep. He will also be grateful to you for gifting him this. 😊
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Smart Interactive Furry Ball Toy For Cat Uprala Smart Interactive Furry Ball Toy For Cat Uprala
Smart Interactive Furry Ball Toy For Cat $23.99 $23.99
Buy Furry Ball Toy For Cat to reduce boredom and increase your cat’s activity, thus bringing more fun to your cat. FEATURES Simulate Real Sounds Simulate the real sounds of three different animals to attract cats’ attention and stimulate cats’ hunting nature. The sounds of balls of different colours are different: blue-frog, yellow-cricket, pink-bird. Smart Tap Trigger The cat toy ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As long as the cat's paw slightly touches the ball, it will make a sound. Cat ball toys with funny animal sounds can reduce boredom and increase your cat’s activity, thus bringing more fun to your cat. Catnip Can Be Added After opening the lid, you can add catnip to the ball. It can make your cat feel excited and happy, and become the cat's favourite toy. It can encourage the cat to exercise, stimulate the cat's thinking or accompany the cat, allowing your cat to exercise and stay healthy. SPECIFICATIONS Material: EVA/WOOL Diameter: 50mm Colour: Pink/Bird Sound, Blue/Frog Sound, Yellow/Cricket Sound
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Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller Uprala Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller Uprala
Washable Reusable Gel Lint Roller $14.99 $14.99
Washable Reusable Gel lint roller, replacements and refills are not required so very economical. Simply rinse under the tap to reuse. Lightweight and portable, the lint roller for clothes, car interiors and furniture work great on most surfaces, whether at home or for travel Features: Reusable & Environmental Friendly: If it is not dirty with the adhesive sheet, washed with water, it can be used repeatedly! The lint remover is very easy to rinse off, just warm water rinse with soap or detergent and then wait until the lint roller is completely dry before using it again, or just dry it with tissue. Please clean immediately after every use. The optimal adhesive has no damage to the fabric. Strong Viscosity: The Lint Removers tape is a super-strong adhesive that can be wiped off even with small dust. The strong bonding roller is easy to walk around 360 degrees, and has strong adhesion, without change refills. No environmental waste at all. The new release lint roller was made of durable material and the handle has been improved. Portable & Convenient for Travel: Lint Removers cleaning is a small size that can be used at home and can be used for outings and can be taken into your bag. The handle is wrapped in a soft sponge that won’t hurt your hand. You can finish removing hair anywhere. Wide Application: This pet hair roller not only has the power to remove cat hair, dog hair, but also crumbs, pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits and more. You can use your floor, bedding, carpet, sofa, car seat, clothes, etc. to clean your pet’s hair, dust, snacks, yarn scraps, hair, etc. Specifications: Color: Pink, blue, yellow, green Material: Plastic + TPR Size:17*10*5.7cm Package Contents: Lint roller × 1
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Snuffle Dog Ball Uprala Snuffle Dog Ball Uprala
Snuffle Dog Ball $24.99 $24.99
The Snuffle Dog Ball is the first of its kind - totally reinventing the traditional dog toy. It uses smell to stimulate your dog's brain as they scan each nook & cranny to track down hidden biscuits. This mental stimulation causes brain activity similar to learning a new trick. Over time this raises their IQ & decreases their fear of the world around them. This special fabric ball is a puzzle game used to stimulate your dog's brain. ✓ Leaps ahead of traditional toys ✓ The secret to calming an energetic dog ✓ Brain games burn energy faster than physical exercise ✓ Keep your dog entertained for hours ✓ Reduce bad behaviours & separation anxiety Machine Washable Just toss it into the washing machine! Made from strongly felt fabric it is easily cleaned. Easy to Use Simply place biscuits deep in the fabric folds. The material will bury them inside the ball
Cat Tooth Brush PRO Uprala Cat Tooth Brush PRO Uprala
Cat Tooth Brush PRO $10.99
Cat Tooth Brush PRO Are you worried about your cat’s dental health? Cleaning your cat’s teeth is important. As they grow older, tartar and plaque build up on their teeth. This new Kitty Toothbrush is designed to do just that. It's an easy, fun and effortless way to clean your cat’s teeth with this new interactive cat dental toy! FEATURES: Cleans Teeth and Massage Gums: Silicone nubs and nodes leave them with clean teeth and healthy gums as they chew on. Reduces Anxiety and Boredom: Cats become active and alert due to the catnip’s effect. Catnip has a strong, aromatic fragrance that cheers up your cats. Easy Refill: Just insert catnip pods and immediately attract their attention. Easy to Clean: Just wash under tap water then dry with cloth or tissue. Durable: Made of premium soft but strong silicone material that won’t tear easily.
Dancing Fish Cat Toy Uprala Dancing Fish Cat Toy Uprala
Dancing Fish Cat Toy $21.95
Dancing Fish Cat Toy Treat your cat with the #1 rated cat toy of the year! The Dancing Fish is the world's first Fish Kicker toy that moves on its own. It kicks just like a REAL fish when touched and stops itself when left alone. WHY IS THE Dancing Fish THE WORLDS BEST-SELLING CAT TOY? REALISTIC FISH SIMULATION The Dancing Fish not only looks like a real fish, but it also acts like a real fish as well. It will flop when touched and stay still when left alone. MOTION-BASED SENSOR The Dancing Fish will adjust its flopping slower or faster according to the motion around it. If it detects that it's being played with, it'll flop faster. If it detects no motion, it'll slow down and eventually stop. Saving energy for a more enjoyable playtime! BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Dancing Fish comes with a USB charger and a built-in battery that lasts for days after a full charge. This would be enough time to entertain your cat and relieve the stress throughout the day. REFILLABLE CATNIP POUCH The Dancing Fish comes with a Cat Safe Velcro Pocket making it Easy to Refill with Catnip Over and Over Again! DURABLE & PET-SAFE MATERIAL The Dancing Fish is made of high-quality materials, so you don't have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy being scratched or bitten by the cat.
Cozy Cat Bed Uprala Cozy Cat Bed Uprala
Cozy Cat Bed $39.95
Cozy Cat Bed A special hooded bed to pamper your cat with restful sleep, improved behavior and better health. A luxurious bed to relieve their stress & anxiety and provide extra comfort. Dramatically reduces bad habits caused by daily separation anxiety. Cats feel safe in the cozy hooded bed. Have peace of mind when you leave your cat home alone. Add this to your cat's routine and watch their mood & behavior quickly improve! The #1 bed...according to cats! Tag us in your cat's favorite CatSuite selfie! ~Why It's The Best Selling~ Canopy cover for maximum sense of security. Raised rim supports muscle & joint pain in senior cats. Long plush faux-fur mimics mother's coat.
Self-cleaning Hair and Pet Fur Remover Uprala Self-cleaning Hair and Pet Fur Remover Uprala
Self-cleaning Hair and Pet Fur Remover $18.99
Self-cleaning Hair and Pet Fur Remover This self-cleaning lint brush tackles the impossible task of removing unwanted pet fur, lint, and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces. ** Not Sold in Stores **There are no refills, no tape, and no messes. A must-have for your clothes and your furniture! Benefits: ☑️FREE TRAVEL SIZE MINI BRUSH – Take it with you anywhere you go. Perfect for quick, on-the-go clean-ups. The offer ends today! ☑️SELF CLEANING BASE – It includes a self-cleaning base so you never have to touch the mess on the lint brush. Fur will be collected into the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Empty the tray and dispose of the mess in the trash. It’s that easy! ☑️REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY – No refills required like the traditional lint rollers. The Pet Brush Fur Remover is completely reusable. Simply wipe it gently over the problem surface, and the fur will vanish. Save time and money by using our innovative brush. ☑️WORKS LIKE A CHARM – If you have cats, dogs, or any furry animals, it’s what you’ve been looking for! It helps remove fur from your clothes, and it works like a charm, every time. No more fur and dust on your furniture or clothing. ☑️PERFECT FOR – Furry Animals, Upholstered Furniture, Clothing, Carpets, Linens, Beds, Pillows, Fabric, Car seats, And More!
Hawaiian Shirts For Dogs / Cats Uprala Hawaiian Shirts For Dogs / Cats Uprala
Hawaiian Shirts For Dogs / Cats $14.95
Hawaiian Shirts For Dogs / Cats These Hawaiian shirts are a great way to make an island getaway or dress for a fun luau! Whether you're on vacation or just want to feel like it, this colourful tropical dog shirt will make a festive statement. This collared shirt with tailored sleeves has a vintage-style print featuring surfboards and palm trees. Thanks to the 100% cotton lightweight material, this breezy woven cotton shirt will keep your pup feeling and looking cool during walks on the beach, at pool parties, and on vacation. Our Hawaiian dog shirts have a high-cut tummy to keep your pup clean and dry. The collared shirt provides a bit of relaxed island elegance. Made of 100% cotton with touch fastener closures at the chest. Since this is a woven fabric, there's no stretch to it. Be sure to factor in extra room for movement and fur. Hand wash in cool water and line dry to keep fresh like the islands. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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