Best Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Best Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions Uprala

Black-coloured mascara is quite common; everyone uses it. But, do you want to try something anew and different which is dazzling and shining? Do you want to shine in darkness and light and want to look unique and exquisite? Then add diamond mascara for eyelash extensions in your eye makeup and see the difference! The Diamond Mascara provides Bushy, Slender and Shine. The brush bristles of this diamond mascara are spaced evenly to help separate for longer-looking eyelashes and give you a stunning look. Shining particles of diamond mascara give your eyelashes dazzling brilliance, a gorgeous and dazzling look. It is a lightweight mascara with a light and bright, moist texture. In addition, this diamond mascara helps to build up the look of your eyelashes to provide you with beautiful natural curves and shine. 

Let the Milky Way live in your eyes!

Best Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Water & Smudge Resistant

The diamond mascara for eyelash extensions is made of a clump-free formula that you can wear all day. It forms a protective film quickly after daub which increases its water and smudge resistance. Moreover, revolutionary anti-staining technology protects from moisture, even from high temperature and grease, so don't worry about smudging for a whole day. Super waterproof, it is impossible to drop flash. No fade due to rinsing with water; even sweat in hot summer is not afraid; makeup will hold all day. This mascara is waterproof to leave you with luscious lashes no matter what. Brush it on like your regular mascara in 3 simple steps.

Best Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Customer-friendly product: 

This diamond mascara contains no glue, hypoallergenic and non-irritating ingredients, so entirely safe for use. Moreover, this diamond mascara for eyelash extensions is suitable for all skin types; you can use it freely without any worries. It adds to your beauty at any occasion, such as weddings, parties, etc. An extremely fine brush head can brush the concealed tiny eyelashes and lower eyelashes one by one to achieve the effect of natural roots distinct. It makes your makeup shine bright like a diamond. You will be the most eye-catching star in both darkness and light. These beauty effects of diamond mascara make it an ideal gift for any woman putting a smile on their face by adding up to their gorgeous look.

Fast/Quick Dry

This diamond mascara uses a quick-drying formula that gives you a long-lasting style; the addition of growth fibres will provide you with longer and thicker lashes after just a single use. Moreover, its curved brush cups help your eyelashes curl lightly while building the volume and length of your eyelashes.

Best Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

How to Use Diamond Mascara for Eyelash Extensions?

1. Dip the mascara brush completely into the diamond mascara solution.

2. Brush the diamond mascara from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes giving it a curve shape.

3. Gently press and roll it on the tip of the eyelashes for curling and shaping the eyelashes.

4. Use your regular makeup remover if you want to remove the diamond mascara.

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