Handmade Wooden Mandala Wall Lamp - A Unique Artwork

Handmade Wooden Mandala Wall Lamp - A Unique Artwork Uprala

Wall lamps are not merely used for lighting. If selected carefully, it can also become part of the theme of your interior home decor and change the look of your home. 

We are proud to present a new item in our store, a unique piece of artwork.

This gorgeous handmade wooden mandala wall lamp is the perfect wall decor to provide a unique look to the interior design of your room, making it an excellent gift for meditation-loving friends and people who like rare authentic pieces. It gives a sense of calm and brightness at the same time. It would definitely look great hanging in your bedroom, meditation room, personal temple, and other frequently visited places and is WOW-stopper in the hallway or living room.

Handmade Wooden Mandala Wall Lamp


  1. A sign of spirituality: Handmade wooden mandala wall lamp will fill space with good energy, light and modern sacrality. Various symbols used in these designs act as protection from danger, negative energy and harm. Just to make it clear, it is not a safety tool: its look is sufficient to provide positive energy and confidence. Because while looking at such patterns, our bodies reduce the level of stress blood pressure, relieve pain and eases depression.
  2. Economical product: This handmade wooden mandala wall lamp is very economical. You can use it the whole day and night as it does not cost much to your electricity bills.
  3. Wide range of brightness: It can emit a dimmer as well as a wide range of brightness. You can change it as per your comfort whenever you want. As preferences of people towards light brightness are different, this feature makes it convenient for many people to enjoy the benefit of this product. It could be used like a night lamp or 24 hours accent piece in your room.
  4. An ideal gift: This lamp is a perfect gift for your friends, family and relatives. Not only because it is good-looking, but also it is a source of calmness and positive energy. If you gift it to your friends or family on their special occasions, then it might bring more happiness to their life. Thus, making it a memorable gift as well as an enjoyable experience.
  5. Easy to use: It can be easy to use this product because NO additional assembly is required. It is a ready-to-hang product. You can also easily change its location without much effort and hang it wherever you like.Handmade Wooden Mandala Wall Lamp


  1. Material: Wood and Acrylic.
  2. Size of Mandala: 30cm(W)√ó3cm(D)√ó30cm(H)
  3. Power supply: USB interface.

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